Cancer. Such a dreaded word. Much like the Plague in Medieval Europe. Even with the advances in Medicine, both in the human and veterinary fields, cancer is still a word that makes people shudder. During the Fall, a small mass started to grow on the left side of my face, just along the jaw line. Because of my long fur, it remained unnoticed for several months until it blossomed in November. At first Lovey thought it might be a simple abscess, and she took me to the vet. Dr L examined me and came to the same conclusion. I was left at the clinic to have the abscess drained and cleaned, but when Dr L opened the abscess, he discovered a large semi-hard mass. A biopsy was sent to the lab, and I went home waiting for the results.

It was close to a week before the results came back: sarcoma. In other words, cancer. Back I went to the clinic where Dr L removed the mass, at least as much of it as he could, and I am now on chemotherapy. It is very debilitating (which is why I am so grateful for Chewbakka who types my blogs for me). The outlook, however, is quite promising and I hope to be writing this blog for a long time.

I realized us cats do not live as long as you humans do, but we do have a right to live as long a life as the Great Cat grants us, as long as that life does not entail pain and suffering. Which brings me to another subject: I have yet to understand why humans are so inhumane to their own kind. When one of us (and I am refering to pets in general) is ill beyond the hope of improvement, and in pain and suffering, you think it kind to allow us to slip into everlasting sleep. But when you are dealing with one of your own, you prolong life beyond all reason, prolonging pain and suffering at the same time. Life is a great gift, but when Life becomes a curse then it is time the end the curse with the gift of peaceful Death.

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