Dog Attack

Hello. My name is Chewbakka Swiftpaws and I am writing on behalf of my good friend and mentor, Jessica Snowpaws., who is convalescing after an incident which occurred a week ago last Wednesday.

It was early morning and we had all had our breakfast. Lovey was preparing to leave for work when there arose a terrible ruccus in the hallway: spitting and growling and more spitting. I later found out that Lady Jessica had been trying to make her way back to Mumsie’s bedroom after visiting the litter boxes in the hallway, but Barkley, the big Border Collie, was lying in the doorway. She tried to get by him, but he was in his “guard the doorway” mode and wouldn’t let her by. She spat at him, and that’s when all h*** broke loose! In the ensuing scuffle, Jessica was able to get by all three dogs (Rio, the other Border Collie, and Sammy, Mumsie’s little dog,┬áhad joined the fray), unfortunatley, not without getting hurt in the process. When Lovely got home from work, it was obvious that Lady Jessica was in need of medical attention.

Lovely made arrangements to take her to the vet where she underwent surgery for three broken ribs and torn muscles. Thank the Great Cat there was no internal damage and she will recover fully. Right now, Lady Jessica is staying in Lovely’s office where she can recuperate unmolested by any unwanted visitors. I look forward to the day when I am allowed to see her again and we can resume our daily chats.

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