Going where few go

Hello, I am finally back from convalescing! Terrible experience. I have not been out of Mumsie’s bedroom for weeks. Fortunately, Lovey was kind enough to provide me with food and water bowls, as well as my own private litter box. She is such a dear.

While convalescing, I had much time for thoughts. One of these was how we cats can go where few others can follow. Have you ever wondered how we can squeeze through spaces that seem narrower than we are? It’s all due to our super supple bodies, and the fact that we do not have a rigid collarbone to block our way through nooks and crannies. You see, once we can get our head and shoulders through, the rest of our body follows, as long as it is sleek without any extra padding. How do we know we can fit? Our super sensitive whiskers which are approximately as wide as we are, as long as we do not put on the extra pounds, since our whiskers do not grow longer if we get wider. Little Nena GreyShadow, for example, would have a little trouble trying to fit her round little body through those nooks and crannies I mentioned.  

Nena Greyshadow

Nena Greyshadow

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