Hello, again!

Yes, it’s me. Or should I say, it is I. I am back after an unforeseen prolonged absence. What happened? Well, it seems I lost ownership of the domain name “TheFussyFeline.com”. Chewbakka, who knows more about these things than I do, says that he wanted to change registrars (whatever that is) from Tucows (Tucows, really, as in two bovine females?) to GoDaddy, but got busy with other projects and forgot to make the change before the domain expired and was parked (I know you can park a vehicle, did not realize you can also park a domain; but I have an inkling that parking a vehicle and parking a domain are not the same thing.) So, my domain was parked and my blog put on hold until Chewbakka could get the domain back which he did a few days ago, much to my great delight.

As you know, I was diagnosed with cancer, sarcoma of the salivary gland to be exact. My vet, Dr. L, removed the mass and gave me chemotherapy. That treatment rid me of the tumor, but now I am on medication to make sure the tumor does not return. So far, it has worked., although prognosis is guarded. I am still not back to my old self yet and may never be, but life is looking good and my friends are happy to still have me among them. 

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