Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Lady Jessica Snowpaws. I am a Domestic Longhair and live on a modest country estate just south of the city of Houston, Texas,  with five other felines and three canines. Coming from a long line of sophisticated felines, I felt it my duty to teach the other household cats proper feline etiquette. Unfortunately, only one was interested. His name is Chewbakka Swiftpaws. He is part Siamese, part Domestic Longhair, and very, very smart. Like me, he has his own blog ( It was he who suggested I start my own blog. So here I am, writing my very first blog! Using the keyboard was hard at first, but persistence has won out, I am proud to say. I think I will very much enjoy this new activity and hope that my writings will be of interest to all of you. Thank you for visiting.