Still here

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but the chemotherapy took a toll on my strength and I found myself sleeping most of the time. Mumsie and Lovey were so very good to me: Mumsie during the day, feeding me every so often so that I would not lose too much weight, and Lovey in the evenings after she returned from work. She bought me a couple of nice soft beds with high borders in which I was able curl up and sleep undisturbed. The little cat, Miss Kitty, was my constant companion. Always there when I would wake up, always there when I would fall asleep. The tumor has finally gone away, but the vet’s prognosis is still guarded. You never know with cancer. Another tumor could show up tomorrow or I could be free for the rest of my days. Today, however,  I am concentrating on the here and now. With little Miss Kitty by my side and my faithful secretary Chewbakka, I will continue to dictate my blog until it is my time to go where all Jellicle cats go:

Up, up, up, past the Jellicle Moon – Up, up, up, up to the Heaviside Layer

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